Our club is committed to working with the children of our community beyond the reach of joining the club.

We can offer various packages to your school of athletics provision to meet your schools needs.

We have qualified coaches who can offer athletics based provision for all ages whether its delivering PE lessons or after school clubs...we can do it!

The great thing about athletics is that in the winter months the sports hall athletics season is upon us and then when the weather improves we know its time for summer athletics!

Therefore athletics all year round!

We can offer a unique and approved method of assessment for your children. 

We have implemented these methods with success in existing schools and the methods of assessment are approved by UK Athletics.

We can organise and deliver sports days tailored to your schools requests.

We also offer Sports Leaders Play Maker Awards training.

The great benefit of having Sports Leaders within your school is that they are trained to run playground and lunch time activities as well as assist in PE lessons and after school clubs.


''Athletics is a great form a physical assessment!" 


"The physiological components and requirements of jumping, throwing and running are relevant for a full all round approach to assessing physical fitness" 

School Youtube Sessions

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