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'Stay Fit Campaign' 2

During Lockdown 1 we ran a 'Stay Fit Campaign' that resulted in over 2000 home challenges completed that included home fitness, english and maths.

Now we are back in Lockdown the 'Stay Fit Campaign' returns!

Each week we will release a strength and conditioning video that is easily adaptable for our youngest members to adults! 

Every Friday we will set our members a sprint based and a run based challenge to complete over the weekend

Saturday mornings at 10am John will host a home fitness based game. This will alternate between 'dice game' and 'Fitness Bingo'

Just like in Lockdown 1 we have some extra incentives for you to get involved with the challenges. You will gain points for completing the weekly challenges.

Complete the home strength and conditioning session = 1 POINT

Complete 1 of the sprint based or run based weekend challenges = 1 POINT

Join in with the Saturday morning home fitness based game = 1 POINT

The winner of the Saturday morning home fitness based game = 1 POINT

Each week a 'LOCKDOWN LEGEND' will receive a bespoke made medal!

At the end of Lockdown the member with the most points will recieve the Lockdown Legend Trophy!

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